Meaning of SCENE in English

n.1 a place in which events in real life, drama, or fiction occur; the locality of an event etc. (the scene was set in India; the scene of the disaster).

2 a an incident in real life, fiction, etc. (distressing scenes occurred). b a description or representation of an incident etc. (scenes of clerical life).

3 a public incident displaying emotion, temper, etc., esp. when embarrassing to others (made a scene in the restaurant).

4 a a continuous portion of a play in a fixed setting and usu. without a change of personnel; a subdivision of an act. b a similar section of a film, book, etc.

5 a any of the pieces of scenery used in a play. b these collectively.

6 a landscape or a view (a desolate scene).

7 colloq. a an area of action or interest (not my scene). b a way of life; a milieu (well-known on the jazz scene).

8 archaic the stage of a theatre.

Phrases and idioms:

behind the scenes

1. Theatr. among the actors, scenery, etc. offstage.

2 not known to the public; secret. behind-the-scenes (attrib.) secret, using secret information (a behind-the-scenes investigation). change of scene a variety of surroundings esp. through travel. come on the scene arrive. quit the scene die; leave. scene-dock a space for storing scenery near the stage. scene-shifter a person who moves scenery in a theatre. scene-shifting this activity.

set the scene

1. describe the location of events.

2 give preliminary information.

Etymology: L scena f. Gk skene tent, stage

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