Meaning of SERVICE in English

1. n. & v.


1. the act of helping or doing work for another or for a community etc.

2 work done in this way.

3 assistance or benefit given to someone.

4 the provision or system of supplying a public need, e.g. transport, or (often in pl.) the supply of water, gas, electricity, telephone, etc.

5 a the fact or status of being a servant. b employment or a position as a servant.

6 a state or period of employment doing work for an individual or organization (resigned after 15 years' service).

7 a a public or Crown department or organization employing officials working for the State (civil service; secret service). b employment in this.

8 (in pl.) the armed forces.

9 (attrib.) of the kind issued to the armed forces (a service revolver).

10 a a ceremony of worship according to prescribed forms. b a form of liturgy for this.

11 a the provision of what is necessary for the installation and maintenance of a machine etc. or operation. b a periodic routine maintenance of a motor vehicle etc.

12 assistance or advice given to customers after the sale of goods.

13 a the act or process of serving food, drinks, etc. b an extra charge nominally made for this.

14 a set of dishes, plates, etc., used for serving meals (a dinner service).

15 Tennis etc. a the act or an instance of serving. b a person's turn to serve. c the manner or quality of serving. d (in full service game) a game in which a particular player serves.

1. provide service or services for, esp. maintain.

2 maintain or repair (a car, machine, etc.).

3 pay interest on (a debt).

4 supply with a service.

Phrases and idioms:

at a person's service ready to serve or assist a person. be of service be available to assist. in service

1. employed as a servant.

2 available for use. on active service serving in the armed forces in wartime. out of service not available for use.

see service

1. have experience of service, esp. in the armed forces.

2 (of a thing) be much used.

service area

1. an area beside a major road for the supply of petrol, refreshments, etc.

2 the area served by a broadcasting station. service-book a book of authorized forms of worship of a Church. service bus (or car) Austral. & NZ a motor coach. service charge an additional charge for service in a restaurant, hotel, etc. service dress ordinary military etc. uniform. service flat a flat in which domestic service and sometimes meals are provided by the management. service industry one providing services not goods. service line (in tennis etc.) a line marking the limit of the area into which the ball must be served. service road a road parallel to a main road, serving houses, shops, etc. service station an establishment beside a road selling petrol and oil etc. to motorists and often able to carry out maintenance. take service with become a servant to.

Etymology: ME f. OF service or L servitium f. servus slave 2. n. (in full service tree) a European tree of the genus Sorbus, esp. S. domestica with toothed leaves, cream-coloured flowers, and small round or pear-shaped fruit eaten when overripe.

Phrases and idioms:


1. the fruit of the service tree.

2 a any American shrub of the genus Amelanchier. b the edible fruit of this.

Etymology: earlier serves, pl. of obs. serve f. OE syrfe f. Gmc surbhjon ult. f. L sorbus

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