Meaning of SERVICE in English

I. ˈsərvə̇s, ˈsə̄v-, ˈsəiv- dial ˈsärv- or ˈsȧv- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English servise, service, from Old French, from Latin servitium condition of a slave, servitude, body of slaves or servants, from servus slave + -itium -ice — more at serve

1. : the condition or occupation of a servant : the serving of a master: as

a. : the position of a domestic servant

the daughters of yeoman and peasant alike could take service with the wife of a squire who had known them all their lives — Roy Lewis & Angus Maude

b. : the domestic employment of a particular master

entered the service of a wealthy townsman

2. : the performance of work commanded or paid for by another : a servant's duty : attendance on a superior

most true, I have lost my teeth in your service — Shakespeare


a. : the employment of a public servant

distinguished himself in his country's service

b. : a specified branch or department of government employment or the staff of persons working in it

consular service

intelligence service

c. : the duties, work, or business performed or discharged by a government official


a. : one of a nation's organized fighting forces (as the army, navy, or air force)

b. : the performance of military duty especially in war : combat

saw active service in several campaigns

c. : a particular military operation : campaign , engagement , expedition

d. : the profession or career of arms : the occupation of a soldier, sailor, or military flier


a. : an act done for the benefit or at the command of another

impose some service on me for thy love — Shakespeare

felt that to avenge his friend's death was the only service he could still do him

b. : the constancy, attentions, or devotion of a lover for his lady


a. : the habit or practice of serving God or the acts done with that intention

devoted himself altogether to the service of God

b. : a form or ritual of worship (as public worship) established for customary use, celebration, or observance

c. : the performance of religious worship especially according to settled public forms or conventions

d. : an assembly or meeting for worship

e. : rites (as religious rites) appropriate to a particular event

a burial service

a marriage service

f. : a liturgical office set to music : a set of such settings especially of the choral canticles and chants


a. : the bringing of food and drink to diners seated at table : the work or activity of waiting at table

it was a small place but the service was excellent


(1) : the food and drink apportioned to one person

(2) obsolete : course

c. : the dishes, implements, or utensils needed to serve a meal, a specified number of persons, or a particular food or drink

purchased a silver service for 12

d. : a set of vessels used at the altar in celebrating communion

the silver Eucharistic service … was saved by being hidden in a cistern — American Guide Series: Louisiana

e. : a set of implements and vessels for use in the toilet : dresser set

8. : the return in money, in kind, or in labor owed by a feudal tenant to his lord for the enjoyment of his tenancy : render


a. : action or use that furthers some end or purpose : conduct or performance that assists or benefits someone or something : deeds useful or instrumental toward some object

the pioneer-baiters do the country a service — Russell Lord

did me a valuable service

b. : professional or other useful ministrations

legal services

a bill collection service

c. : supply of needs

a vending machine set up for the service of casual passersby

also : utility

10. archaic : a profession of respect or duty — used in various expressions of courtesy (as in greetings or in toasts)

11. : the act of putting the ball in play in any of various net or court games (as tennis)

12. : an act of administering or applying something

13. : the wrapping or covering of a rope (as with spun yarn, small lines, or canvas) to prevent chafing ; also : the materials used for this purpose


a. : useful labor that does not produce a tangible commodity — usually used in plural

railroads, telephone companies, and physicians perform services although they produce no goods

b. : debt service

c. : a facility or provision for maintenance and repair (as of houses or manufactured articles)

property service

radio and television service

automobile repair service

d. : the provision, organization, or apparatus for conducting a public utility or meeting a general demand

telephone service

air freight service


a. : the act of bringing a legal writ, process, or summons to notice actually or constructively as prescribed by law

accepted service of a subpoena

b. : the carrying into effect or execution of a writ or process (as an attachment by seizing the goods or person attached or an execution by levying it upon the goods or person of the defendant) — compare personal service 1, substituted service

16. : the act of serving or covering the female — used of a male animal

17. : a regularly scheduled trip over a public transportation route

three airline services daily between island and mainland

18. : a branch of a hospital medical staff devoted to a particular specialty

obstetric service

pediatric service


a. : a pipe branching from a gas or water main to serve the premises of a user

b. : the lead-in conductors from an electric power or telephone line to a user's premises

20. : effort inspired by philanthropic motives or directed to human welfare or betterment

Synonyms: see use

- at one's service

- of service

II. adjective


a. : of or relating to the armed services or one of them : belonging to or used in the army, navy, or air force

a service newspaper

b. : of, relating to, or constituting a branch of an army (as an ordinance department) that exists to serve or supply the army's fighting men

2. : of or relating to domestic service : used in serving or by servants

a service hatch

3. : worn in or intended for everyday use : durable

service -weight stockings


a. : providing services rather than tangible goods

transportation and entertainment are service industries

b. : offering a product useful only in making another product or in performing associated tasks or services

diemakers and allied service industries — New Englander

c. : offering repair, maintenance, or incidental services

III. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

: to perform services for : meet the needs of : serve: as

a. : to repair or provide maintenance for

I've had some dealings with them in the servicing of my English car — Richard Joseph

b. : to meet interest and sinking fund payments on (as government debt)

c. : to perform any of the business functions auxiliary to production or distribution of

the accounting department services the manufacturing and sales programs

d. : to provide information or other assistance to

for many years the Department of State has serviced the press and the scholars interested in foreign affairs — F.H.Russell

e. : to provide (a philatelic cover) with first-day cancellation or cachet

f. : to copulate with (a female animal)

deer are polygamous and one buck may claim and service several does — Lyle St. Amant & Carrol Perkins

IV. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English serves, plural of serve service tree, fruit of the service, from Old English syrfe, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin sorbea, from Latin sorbus service tree, sorb tree

1. : service tree 1

2. : the fruit of a service tree

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