Meaning of SOME in English

adj., pron., & adv.


1. an unspecified amount or number of (some water; some apples; some of them).

2 that is unknown or unnamed (will return some day; some fool has locked the door; to some extent).

3 denoting an approximate number (waited some twenty minutes).

4 a considerable amount or number of (went to some trouble).

5 (usu. stressed) a at least a small amount of (do have some consideration). b such to a certain extent (that is some help). c colloq. notably such (I call that some story).

--pron. some people or things, some number or amount (I have some already; would you like some more?).

--adv. colloq. to some extent (we talked some; do it some more).

Phrases and idioms:

and then some sl. and plenty more than that. some few see FEW.

Etymology: OE sum f. Gmc

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