Meaning of SPEECH in English


n.1 the faculty or act of speaking.

2 a formal public address.

3 a manner of speaking (a man of blunt speech).

4 a remark (after this speech he was silent).

5 the language of a nation, region, group, etc.

6 Mus. the act of sounding in an organ-pipe etc.

Phrases and idioms:

the Queen's (or King's) Speech a statement including the Government's proposed measures read by the sovereign at the opening of Parliament. speech day Brit. an annual prize-giving day in many schools, usu. marked by speeches etc. speech-reading lip-reading. speech therapist a person who practises speech therapy. speech therapy treatment to improve defective speech. speech-writer a person employed to write speeches for a politician etc. to deliver.


speechful adj.

Etymology: OE spr{aelig}c, later spec f. WG, rel. to SPEAK

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