Meaning of SWING in English

v. & n.

--v. (past and past part. swung)

1. intr. & tr. move or cause to move with a to-and-fro or curving motion, as of an object attached at one end and hanging free at the other.

2 intr. & tr. a sway. b hang so as to be free to sway. c oscillate or cause to oscillate.

3 intr. & tr. revolve or cause to revolve.

4 intr. move by gripping something and leaping etc. (swung from tree to tree).

5 intr. go with a swinging gait (swung out of the room).

6 intr. (foll. by round) move round to the opposite direction.

7 intr. change from one opinion or mood to another.

8 intr. (foll. by at) attempt to hit or punch.

9 a intr. (also swing it) play music with a swing rhythm. b tr. play (a tune) with swing.

10 intr. colloq. a be lively or up to date; enjoy oneself. b be promiscuous.

11 intr. colloq. (of a party etc.) be lively, successful, etc.

12 tr. have a decisive influence on (esp. voting etc.).

13 tr. colloq. deal with or achieve; manage.

14 intr. colloq. be executed by hanging.

15 Cricket a intr. (of the ball) deviate from a straight course in the air. b tr. cause (the ball) to do this.


1. the act or an instance of swinging.

2 the motion of swinging.

3 the extent of swinging.

4 a swinging or smooth gait or rhythm or action.

5 a a seat slung by ropes or chains etc. for swinging on or in. b a spell of swinging on this.

6 an easy but vigorous continued action.

7 a jazz or dance music with an easy flowing rhythm. b the rhythmic feeling or drive of this music.

8 a discernible change in opinion, esp. the amount by which votes or points scored etc. change from one side to another.

Phrases and idioms:

swing-boat a boat-shaped swing at fairs. swing-bridge a bridge that can be swung to one side to allow the passage of ships. swing-door a door able to open in either direction and close itself when released. swing the lead Brit. colloq. malinger; shirk one's duty. swings and roundabouts a situation affording no eventual gain or loss (from the phr. lose on the swings what you make on the roundabouts). swing shift US a work shift from afternoon to late evening. swing-wing an aircraft wing that can move from a right-angled to a swept-back position. swung dash a dash (


) with alternate curves.


swinger n. (esp. in sense 10 of v.).

Etymology: OE swingan to beat f. Gmc

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