Meaning of TRIANGLE in English


n.1 a plane figure with three sides and angles.

2 any three things not in a straight line, with imaginary lines joining them.

3 an implement of this shape.

4 a musical instrument consisting of a steel rod bent into a triangle and sounded by striking it with a small steel rod.

5 a situation, esp. an emotional relationship, involving three people.

6 a right-angled triangle of wood etc. as a drawing-implement.

7 Naut. a device of three spars for raising weights.

8 hist. a frame of three halberds joined at the top to which a soldier was bound for flogging.

Phrases and idioms:

triangle of forces a triangle whose sides represent in magnitude and direction three forces in equilibrium.

Etymology: ME f. OF triangle or L triangulum neut. of triangulus three-cornered (as TRI-, ANGLE(1))

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