Meaning of TRIANGLE in English


ˈtrīˌaŋgəl, -aiŋ- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Latin triangulum, from neuter of triangulus having three angles, triangular, from tri- three (akin to Latin tria, tres three) + angulus angle — more at three , angle

1. : a usually plane polygon having three sides — compare spherical triangle ; see area table

2. : a symbol (as of the Trinity in Christian art or as of life in primitive art), design, or decorative motif shaped like a triangle

3. : a triangular object, marking, area, or arrangement : a triangle-shaped thing: as

a. : a hoisting or weighing device consisting of a tripod of poles or spars from the apex of which is suspended a pulley or balance

b. : a frame formed of three halberds or poles stuck in the ground and united at the top and used formerly to bind British soldiers undergoing corporal punishment — often used in plural

men were frequently sent to the triangles — Time

c. : a musical percussion instrument of indefinite pitch usually made of a rod of steel bent into the form of a triangle open at one angle and sounded by striking with a small metal rod ; also : a similar piece of metal used in the same way as an instrument of call

a mess cook was beating the commissary triangle — K.M.Dodson

d. : a triangular area near the base of the wing in dragonflies

e. : a thin flat right-angled triangular instrument of wood or plastic usually cut with acute angles of 45 degrees or of 30 degrees and 60 degrees and used in drafting

f. : a triangular postage stamp


a. : a group of three : triad

France's three-party coalition was described … as a type of triangle hard to break and impossible to maintain — P.S.Mowrer

triangle in an economic enterprise, composed of management, party leadership and labor-union organization — S.N.Harper & R.B.Thompson

b. : a situation involving three persons ; especially : one involving the love of two men for one woman or of two women for one man and the resulting complications

a comedy of the eternal triangle , where the lover is a man … and the husband is a fat, lazy, hungry, cowardly, protesting cuckold — Leslie Rees

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triangle 1: 1 equilateral, 2 acute, 3 obtuse, 4 scalene, 5 isosceles, 6 right triangle


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