Meaning of VISION in English

n. & v.


1. the act or faculty of seeing, sight (has impaired his vision).

2 a a thing or person seen in a dream or trance. b a supernatural or prophetic apparition.

3 a thing or idea perceived vividly in the imagination (the romantic visions of youth; had visions of warm sandy beaches).

4 imaginative insight.

5 statesmanlike foresight; sagacity in planning.

6 a person etc. of unusual beauty.

7 what is seen on a television screen; television images collectively. see or present in or as in a vision.

Phrases and idioms:

field of vision all that comes into view when the eyes are turned in some direction. vision-mixer a person whose job is to switch from one image to another in television broadcasting or recording.


visional adj. visionless adj.

Etymology: ME f. OF f. L visio -onis (as VISIBLE)

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