Meaning of STASI in English

noun Sometimes written STASI (Politics) The internal security force (until 1989-90) of the German Democratic Republic. Etymology: Formed from two of the syllables of the full name, STAatsSIcherheitsdienst 'State Security Service'. History and Usage: Stasi was the colloquial name in German of the feared East German secret police for a number of decades before it became popularly known in English. It was used in spy novels etc. written in English during the sixties and seventies, but ironically it was its demise in 1989-90 that really brought it into the headlines and gave it a wider currency. News reports of the breakdown of the Communist system in the GDR included coverage of popular demonstrations against the Stasi and demands for its abolition; its offices were reduced and many of its employees dismissed in December 1989 (more than 100,000 agents had been sacked by February 1990) and by March 1990 the Spy section was being cut down drastically as well. The mood has become tense in the past week with mounting warning strikes and calls for the Stasi to be rooted out for good. The Times 16 Jan. 1990, p. 1 He had received information that CDU leader de Maiziëre had himself been a Stasi informer. Maclean's 2 Apr. 1990, p. 31

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