Meaning of RESTORE in English




restore calm

The presence of soldiers helped restore calm .

restore confidence (= make people have confidence again )

Interest rate reductions would restore business confidence.

restore credibility (= get it back again after it has been damaged )

His priority was to restore credibility to his government.

restore harmony (= make friendship or peace exist again )

The couple decided to put their problems behind them in an attempt to restore harmony to the family.

restore morale (= make people confident and positive again )

The new manager realized that his first job would be to restore morale.

restore peace

The emperor’s brother was able to restore peace in the troubled areas.

restore sb to power (= put someone in control of a country again )

In 2004, the army restored him to power.

restore sb’s faith in sb/sth (= make sb’s faith return )

His kindness had restored her faith in human nature.

restore the honour of sb/sth (= make it return to its former state )

He would be forced to restore the honour of his family name.

restore/resume relations (= begin them again after they were stopped or interrupted )

Kenya and Uganda agreed to restore full diplomatic relations.




Shekhar's visit confirmed that good relations had been fully restored .

As of 3: 30 p. m. Friday, power was fully restored at Stanford, a university spokesman said.

The resulting well was used for more than seventy years, and now is fully restored and a much-loved landmark.

Before lunch was over the relationship had been fully restored . 2.

The Holstentor, which is still the town gateway though the walls have partly disappeared, is now fully restored .

So Berman got a special prop: a bright-yellow, fully restored 1956 Ford F-100.

Well, she is fully restored to health today.

One of the reasons the prairie may never be fully restored is that some parts are for ever gone.



However an attempt was made to restore confidence in it by what is now section 184.

Part of Bushley's determined attempt to restore the eco-balance to a small corner of Gloucestershire.

Isagoras invoked the aid of King Cleomenes of Sparta, and an attempt was made to restore the aristocratic oligarchy.

Mr Heath's Government was chiefly preoccupied with his attempt to restore the economy after Labour mismanagement.

Intervention arises from attempts to restore the authority of the state and secure the compliance of other agencies and interests.

The fact that attempts are made to restore it is positive proof.


Night Cream a rich blend to restore moisture balance while you sleep.

In fact, the capacity of forests to increase in order to restore carbon balances has been called into question.

Retributive punishment restores the balance by cancelling out this advantage with a commensurate disadvantage.

Definite and energetic steps must be taken in other directions to restore the balance of our national economic life ....

When a surgeon destroys overactive cells in the globus pallidum, he restores balance to the system, said Grossman.

It is quite another thing to assess how out of balance the individual is and how to set about restoring the balance.

We are beginning to see significant signs of restoring a balance to this overemphasis on left-brain skills.


Plans to restore the original library building in Hamburg include the possibility of exchanging and sharing resources with London.

Apart from the exhibits, work has progressed rapidly on restoring the various buildings to make them usable once again.

During his years at the Old Palace he spent considerable sums on restoring the building .

A vast number of people dream of rescuing and restoring a historic building , and a remarkable percentage actually do it.

We have restored the hospital building programme so savagely cut by Labour at the end of their last term of office.


It is perhaps fitting that he was carried to his pauper's grave by the stonemasons then engaged in restoring Camborne Church .

As so often when something good is being restored to the church , its arrival is not without controversy.


Mr Dervis is expected to become a pivotal figure in a new economic team designed to restore the confidence of sceptical investors.

There is only one good solution to capital flight: shaky governments must restore confidence by adopting sensible policies.

The probe was aimed at restoring public confidence in the service, she said.

Hearing him in action restores her confidence in his abilities.

The first step must be to restore coherence and confidence to the central direction of economic policy.

He took over after the disastrous administration of Manoj Vyas and restored confidence in county government and stability to county employment.

Macpherson's first task was to restore confidence in that Service while equally repairing relations between Government House and the nationalist leadership.


The AFL-CIO has targeted 75 vulnerable Republican seats as part of a push to restore Democratic control of the House.

For others the main objective was simply to restore central control of the nuclear armoury of the West to the United States.


Unfortunately, much of that habitat has been destroyed, and it would take a Herculean effort to restore it.

An effort to restore half of the production funds failed in the full Senate.

In a $ 7.5 million effort to restore native plants and animals in the national park, the U.S.


Given the recent events in Orkney and elsewhere, promoting social work as a caring profession must restore faith in its activities.

But no, here to restore your faith is Sen.

It was his chief aim to restore the nation's faith in the presidency.

Along the way, she touched lives, inspired hope and restored faith in public service.

Your kindness and sincerity really did restore my faith in human nature.

If we had lost hope, the desert dawn would restore our faith .

Help restore my faith in women All letters answered Photo appreciated.

I had to restore my faith in myself.


Outside, the orchard has been restored to its former glory .

But now it's hoped that Longfords may be restored to its former glory .

Sadly neglected examples of classic pub architecture were restored to their former glory at no small expense.


The Government is restoring several of them as holiday flats, a slow process but tastefully done.

There is only one good solution to capital flight: shaky governments must restore confidence by adopting sensible policies.

But the Government also needs to restore the tax relief which used to exist on life assurance premiums.

Clinton noted that even some Republican governors had asked for the government to restore such benefits.

If the government is to restore its credibility, it must seek chiefly to inform, not to reassure by whatever means.

With the ceasefire in operation, government troops attempted to restore order in Kabul by disarming mujaheddin fighters roaming the city.

On Jan. 29 Nguza said that the government would restore order and deal with the army's concerns over food and pay.

The announcement led to speculation that the Soviet government was intending to restore diplomatic relations with El Salvador.


John has also become quite adept at treating fish and he has bought several with faults and restored them to full health .

He carried it home and patiently set about restoring it to full health , hand feeding it for days.

Private and public finances will both be restored to health .

Cheer and uphold them with the knowledge of your love and restore them to full health .

While some sufferers will quickly be restored to perfect health , for others it may be a long haul.

By the time the St Lawrence River is restored to health , the belugas will probably be gone.

Well, she is fully restored to health today.


Elegantly restored ballroom that plays house , garage and disco to a smartly dressed, trendy crowd-no jeans or trainers.

Inside the restored stone house , an altar crowned by a statue of Mary drew the devout and the curious.

He minted his own silver pieces, and enjoyed music, thinking, inventing, sailing and restoring old houses .

Male speaker People kept asking if they could see upstairs.It's a constant challenge to restore the house .

Repair costs for restoring the house will be covered by insurance.

Those who remain in the area say they'd go back and restore the houses again tomorrow, given the chance.


Christie took over the kicking duties and restored North's lead with a penalty.

McClatchey restored St Helens' lead with a stunning volley and Pennington helped himself to a fine hat-trick.

Five minutes later Arsenal might have restored their lead when Smith grazed the outside of the far post.

After Johnson restored Northern's lead midway through the half, Robson missed a chance to level the scores again.

It was a shock when Tommy Wright restored Leicester's lead with ten minutes to go.


He prayed once more to the Magdalen and his wife was restored to life .

Specifically, Ortega seeks to restore concrete human life to the centre-stage of philosophical preoccupation.

Radical restructuring seeks information and power, both to be utilized in the shared life or the restored life.

True paschal lamb, dying he destroyed our death, rising he restored our life .

She does not simply restore plant life , but teaches the secrets of agriculture, giving humans control over their food supply.


When order is restored over the next few weeks, Lotus will be ready for the most ambitious expansion in its history.

School officials canceled classes for the day after order was restored .

It was the only time Oxford's fans let themselves down, but order was soon restored .

Ultimately, order is restored and wounds are healed.

A degree of order was reportedly restored on May 31.

In fact, the capacity of forests to increase in order to restore carbon balances has been called into question.

This only seemed to exasperate the situation and it was some time before order was restored .

He wanted to win in order to restore trust and decency, he said.


And there are provisions of a restitutionary character designed to restore the respective parties to the share transactions to their former positions.


Sometimes you're treated like some one who might be able to restore peace there, sometimes like a mere diamond trafficker.

Let us strike the blow which is to restore peace and union to this distracted land.

Even the acquittal pronounced by Athena had not restored to him his peace of mind.


The picture accomplished, the pages are restored to their normal position and the edge gilded.

He has invited you to review that hotel's operations with a view to restoring its position prior to any such sale.

Otherwise only one of the parties is being restored to his former position .

Playing, walking, recreation and social events would be restored to their historical position as focal points of street life.


The Rada now summoned the Red Army to restore its power .

Then restore the power at the mains.

Conditions were so bad that emergency crews were told it was too dangerous to try and restore power before daybreak.

Their goal of restoring the power of the Church hid their aim of overthrowing the republic.

Double-check everything before restoring the power .

Now a knee operation could restore his athletic powers .

Turn off the main isolating switch and remove the circuit fuse, before restoring the power to the rest of the house.

Independence of the central bank would restore its power .


I want to restore pride in our public services.

For those who've faced redundancy, it's also restoring their pride in a job well done.

The public wanted a story of national scientific success, to restore pride following the launch of the Soviet Sputnik.

And indeed it would help restore pride in animal husbandry without bankrupting farmers in the process.

We want to restore the pride and local commitment that died with nationalisation.


If you've been gossiping about some one, go to those you gossiped to and try to restore the person's reputation .

In order to pay his debts and restore his reputation , John took almost every job that was offered.

The Barbarians are in Middlesbrough till August attempting to restore their lost reputation .

Under the legislation individual victims of Stasi defamation would be able to see and use their records to restore their reputation .


Did you restore this man's sight ?

In addition Charlie needs to raise enough money to finance an operation to restore the girl's sight .



The probe was aimed at restoring public confidence in the service, she said.

The move is aimed at restoring public confidence following the breakdown of the computer emergency 999 call system.


Still, if it helped to restore his own estimation of himself, let him think otherwise.

City Hall had promised that urban renewal would be used to help restore and stabilize the community.

It also helps us restore habitats quickly for conservation - for re-introduction programmes, for instance.

He wrote books of nonfiction, too, that helped restore a sense of real history to the backcountry.

In Rome, the system even helps to restore old masters.

These men... helped to restore the morale of our army.

These are relatively inexpensive and can help to restore order to superficial chaos.

To help others enjoy this restored landscape, Wright followed old animal trails and transformed them into paths and theme walks.


They spent an additional £45,000 on renovating it - although the beacon needs more work to restore it to its former glory.

Is a strongman needed to restore civil order?

He needed the championship to restore Lotus's fortunes.

Another 237 people were treated for radiation sickness, some of whom needed bone-marrow transplants to restore their white blood-cell count.

But the Government also needs to restore the tax relief which used to exist on life assurance premiums.

Such intervention was needed to restore productivity and profitability.

Almost 1,000 officers, many in riot gear, were needed to restore order.

She needed to move and restore circulation to her frozen limbs.


Is it some sort of reference to your own noble persistence in trying to restore our marriage?

The only hope lay in trying to restore order.

Ryker knelt beside her, shook her, rubbed her arms as if trying to restore the circulation.

Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm travel around Busytown trying to restore stories to the looted story van.

If you've been gossiping about some one, go to those you gossiped to and try to restore the person's reputation.

Because at random was exactly how humans were trying to restore ecosystems.

Conditions were so bad that emergency crews were told it was too dangerous to try and restore power before daybreak.

Individuals are often so ambivalent about trying to restore a relationship that they back away without making an effort.


After decades of colonial rule, and the land was finally restored to its rightful owners.

Experts are still working to restore the painting.

He spent almost three years restoring a 1922 Rolls Royce.

In 1905 both Japan and Russia agreed to restore Manchuria to China.

She's restoring her grandmother's antique dresser.

The building has been carefully restored after the fire.

The earlier restrictions on currency exchange have now been restored.

The utility company is still working to restore power supplies in rural areas.


It is hoped brown trout will be restored to the Darenth before 2000.

Power was restored at 5: 21 a. m., LaFaver said.

Small sums of money, but the hope they can restore is priceless.

Surgeons at nearby Stoke Mandeville Hospital were able to put it back on and have restored some movement.

The amount used to restore the income account is, however, no longer the same item as the income originally borrowed.

You can also create one of these compressed archives that can be moved to another computer and restored there.

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