Meaning of RESTORE in English


v. 1 give or hand back, return, make restitution, bring back We must restore to the people the land that is rightfully theirs 2 revive, rejuvenate, re-establish, renew, bring back, give (someone) back, resuscitate, resurrect, rekindle, reinvigorate, refresh, stimulate, revitalize, strengthen Your kindness has restored my faith in mankind 3 renovate, refurbish, renew, repair, rejuvenate, resurrect, revive, reconstruct, rehabilitate, rebuild; mend, fix, retouch, touch up; Colloq US fix up They live in a 17th-century cottage that has been lovingly restored Antiques often lose their value entirely if they are restored. 4 replace, reinstate, put back; return, bring back They said that they would not rest until they had restored the rightful king on the throne The doctor said she would soon be restored to good health. 5 replace, reimburse, repay, return, pay or put or give back Even though he has restored all the money he took, she refuses to forgive him

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