Meaning of RESTORE in English


/ rɪˈstɔː(r); NAmE / verb [ vn ]


restore sth (to sb) to bring back a situation or feeling that existed before :

The measures are intended to restore public confidence in the economy.

Order was quickly restored after the riots.

Such kindness restores your faith in human nature (= makes you believe most people are kind) .

The operation restored his sight (= made him able to see again) .


restore sb/sth to sth to bring sb/sth back to a former condition, place or position :

He is now fully restored to health.

We hope to restore the garden to its former glory (= make it as beautiful as it used to be) .


restore sth to repair a building, work of art, piece of furniture, etc. so that it looks as good as it did originally :

Her job is restoring old paintings.


to bring a law, tradition, way of working, etc. back into use

SYN reintroduce :

to restore ancient traditions

Some people argue that the death penalty should be restored.


restore sth (to sb/sth) ( formal ) to give sth that was lost or stolen back to sb :

The police have now restored the painting to its rightful owner.



Middle English : from Old French restorer , from Latin restaurare rebuild, restore.

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