Meaning of RESTORE in English


[verb] [T] - to return (something or someone) to an earlier condition or positionThe badly neglected furniture and paintings have all been carefully restored.He buys old cars and restores them to their original condition.After a week in bed, she was fully restored to health (= she felt healthy again). [T]The former leader was today restored to power in the first free elections for twenty years.If you restore a quality or ability that someone has not had for a long time, you make it possible for them to have that quality or ability again.Doctors have restored his sight.The government is trying to restore public confidence (= make the public have confidence again) in its management of the economy.If you restore something that has been absent for a period of time, you bring it back.Some people are in favour of restoring capital punishment for murderers.(formal) If something that has been lost or stolen is restored to its owner, it is given back to that person.The painting was restored to its rightful owner.

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