Meaning of ADHESIVE in English

I. adˈhēsivˌ əd-ˌ -ēz-, -ēv adjective

Etymology: adhes ion + -ive

1. : tending to keep close to or in association with

the adhesive character of calumny — J.A.Froude

: tending to persist (as in the memory)

an adhesive witticism


a. : tending to adhere : sticky , gluey

adhesive mud

: having the ability to stick things together

powerfully adhesive glue

b. : prepared for adhering (as by having a surface coated with a sticky substance)

adhesive tape

• ad·he·sive·ly adverb

II. noun

( -s )


a. : an adhesive substance ; especially : a substance that bonds two materials together by adhering to the surface of each (as glue, starch paste, mucilage, rubber latex, or a synthetic resin composition) : cement 2

b. : adhesive tape


a. : a postage stamp having a gummed back for sticking it onto postal matter as distinguished from one printed directly on a cover

b. : any stamp or seal having a gummed back

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