Meaning of ANGULAR in English

I. ˈaŋgyələ(r), ˈaiŋ- adjective

Etymology: Middle French or Latin; Middle French angulaire, from Latin angularis, from angulus angle, corner + -aris -ar — more at angle

1. : having an angle or angles : forming an angle or corner : sharp-cornered

an angular brick structure — American Guide Series: Maine

2. : of or relating to the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th mundane houses of a horoscope

3. : measured by an angle

angular distance


a. : sharp and stiff in character or manner : lacking in smoothness

a rough, angular , explosive poetry — Saturday Review

b. : having the bones prominent from lack of plumpness

an angular youth

5. : relating to or having a chemical structure in which a ring or group is so joined as to form an angle and not a straight alignment

angular an methyl group

6. anatomy : relating to or situated near an angle

the angular head of the quadratus labii superioris

specifically : relating to or situated near the inner angle of the eye

Synonyms: see lean

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: New Latin angulare, from Latin, neuter of angularis, adjective

: a membrane bone in the lower posterior part of the lower jaw of most vertebrates except mammals

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