Meaning of ASSIGN in English


I. əˈsīn also aˈ- transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English assignen, from Old French assigner, from Latin assignare, adsignare, from ad- + signare to mark, mark out, designate — more at sign

1. : to transfer to another in writing (one's title to or interest in property, especially intangible property)

assign a bond by an endorsement

specifically : to transfer (property) to another in trust or for the benefit of creditors

the bankrupt must also assign all of his patents to the receiver


a. : to appoint (one) to a post or duty

she was assigned to the laboratory and school — Current Biography

though assigned only menial tasks — B.L.Robinson

specifically : to order (an individual or unit) to serve more or less permanently as an organic member of a particular military organization — distinguished from attach

b. : prescribe

carbines are assigned for guard duty

the teacher assigned the next 20 pages of the text

3. : specify , select , designate : fix authoritatively or exactly

assign a limit

assign counsel

assign a day for trial


a. : to give, adduce, or allege by way of explanation or cause especially after deliberation

financial difficulties … were assigned as the probable cause of his suicide — G.S.Bryan

b. : to think of after deliberation as characterizing or being possessed as indicated : allot , endow

by assigning to a nation energy and honesty as its chief spiritual characteristics — Matthew Arnold

c. : to regard as done by or during : reckon as composed, made, or executed as indicated

the temple of Baal Lebanon, which is assigned to the eleventh century B.C. — Edward Clodd

5. archaic : to point out : show

the dwarf the way to her assigned — Edmund Spenser

Synonyms: see allot , ascribe , prescribe

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English assigne, from Middle French assigné — more at assignee

1. : assignee b

2. obsolete : assignee a

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