Meaning of AT HOME in English


I. ətˈhōm, Brit sometimes əˈtōm noun

: a reception given at one's home

if you are serving tea and chocolate and a variety of food … call it an at home — Emily Post

II. ətˈhōm sometimes chiefly Brit & NewEng əˈtōm phrasal


a. : in one's own house or home

generally to be found at home in the morning

b. : ready to receive callers

the newly wed couple will be at home after June 15


a. : in the country of origin : on the domestic front

totalitarianism is despotic at home and expansionist abroad — George Fischer

b. : in the mother country

people … at home and throughout the Commonwealth — Wendell Willkie


a. : in a familiar or congenial relationship : relaxed and comfortable : at ease

a pleasant manner that soon made me feel at home

he is … at home among the diplomatic and fashionable circles — Peggy Durdin

b. : in harmony with the surroundings : acclimated to the environment

in the universities where basic research is most at home — M.H.Trytten

at home in surf, the young abound in rock pools — J.L.B.Smith

4. : on familiar ground : competent , knowledgeable

at home in Italian opera — George Jellinek

the sciences of biology and psychology in which the author is masterfully at home

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.