Meaning of CALCULUS in English

I. ˈkalkyələs, ˈkau̇k- noun

( plural calcu·li -ˌlī, -ē ; also calcu·lus·es -_ləsə̇z)

Etymology: Latin, pebble, stone in the bladder or kidneys, stone used in calculating, act of calculating — more at calculate


a. : a solid concretion usually composed of mineral salts, formed around organic material, and found mainly in hollow organs, ducts, passages, and cysts

renal calculi

a small calculus was eliminated from the bladder

— see gallstone , renal calculus , urinary calculus

b. : a concretion on teeth : tartar

2. archaic : calculation , computation

3. : a method or process of reasoning by computation of symbols: as

a. : a branch of mathematics (as the infinitesimal calculus) involving calculation

b. : any one of the commonly distinguished divisions of symbolic logic

4. plural calculuses : a book or treatise on infinitesimal calculus

II. noun

: a system or arrangement of intricate or interrelated parts

the calculus of forces in world affairs — Martin Mayer

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