Meaning of EDITOR in English

I. ˈedəd.ə(r), -ətə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: Late Latin, publisher, from Latin editus (past participle of edere to bring forth, produce, proclaim, publish) + -or — more at edition


a. : one who revises, corrects, or arranges the contents and style of the literary, artistic, or musical work of others for publication or presentation

the editor of some early English ballads

an editor of Aristotle

the editor of a film

b. : one who alters or revises another's work to make it conform to some standard or serve a particular purpose

some editor had bowdlerized the letter before publishing it

c. : one who directs or supervises the expressive policies or the preparation of a publication (as a newspaper, periodical, reference work)

d. : one who has contextual supervision of a section, special department, or feature of a publication

the sports editor of the evening paper

the fiction editor of a magazine

e. : one who handles the written product as distinct from other matters (as sales) in many publishing concerns

the editors and the sales and business personnel of the magazine stayed on friendly terms

2. : a device usually consisting of a splicer and viewer and used in editing film

II. noun

: a computer program that permits the user to create or modify data (as text or graphics) especially on a display screen

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