Meaning of ENAMEL in English


I. ə̇ˈnaməl, eˈ- transitive verb

( enameled or enamelled ; enameled or enamelled ; enameling or enamelling -m(ə)liŋ ; enamels )

Etymology: Middle English enamelen, from Middle French enameler, enamailler, from en- en- (I) + esmaillier, amaillier to enamel, from Old French esmaillier, from esmail, esmal enamel, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German smelzan to melt — more at smelt

1. : to cover or inlay with enamel

2. : to beautify or adorn with or as if with a colorful bright surface

sun … enameled the whole scene — London Calling

3. : to form or produce a glossy surface upon (as paper, leather, or cloth)

4. : to apply enamel to (the face or nails)

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from enamelen, v.

1. : a usually opaque or semiopaque vitreous composition applied by fusion to the surface of metal, glass, or pottery for ornament or protection or as a basis for decoration — see champlevé, cloisonné; compare glaze

2. : a surface, exterior, or outer covering that resembles or suggests enamel

3. : a paint that flows out to a smooth hard coat when applied, that contains a specially prepared vehicle instead of raw oil, and that usually dries with a glossy appearance

4. : something that is enameled : enameled ware

5. : a cosmetic intended to give the appearance of a smooth and beautiful complexion or to produce a glossy appearance

6. : the intensely hard calcareous substance that forms a thin layer capping or partly covering the teeth of most mammals (as man) and many other vertebrates, being the hardest substance of the animal body and consisting of minute prisms that are secreted by ameloblasts, are arranged at right angles to the surface, and are bound together by a cement substance — see tooth illustration


a. : the coating of carbonized glue or shellac that forms the acid-resisting portion of a metal photoengraving plate

b. : the facing material of coated paper

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