Meaning of GRASS in English


I. ˈgras, -aa(ə)-, -ai-, -ȧ- noun

( -es )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English gras, from Old English græs; akin to Old High German, Old Norse, & Gothic gras grass, Old English grōwan to grow, and perhaps to Latin gramen grass — more at grow


a. : green herbage that affords food for grazing animals and that usually consists predominantly of narrow-leaved monocotyledonous plants of the families Gramineae, Cyperaceae, and Juncaceae often intermixed with various dicotyledonous herbs

the moist spring has brought on a good growth of grass

b. now chiefly dialect : a small herb ; especially : one used medicinally

c. : a plant of the family Gramineae

the bamboos include the largest grasses some of which attain a height of 120 feet

d. : any of various herbaceous plants with narrow linear foliage — used in combination; see blue-eyed grass


(1) : asparagus

(2) slang : a leafy vegetable ; especially : lettuce


a. : grazing

grass enough to keep a cow

: land set apart or available for grazing

b. : land on which grass is grown for hay or pasture : pasture , meadow , lea

3. obsolete : the vegetative condition of a cereal before the ear of grain is developed

4. : a leaf or plant of grass — now used only in plural

hair tangled with grasses and twigs

5. : ground covered with growing grass

keep off the grass

dropped his bundles on the grass

6. now dialect : the season at which grass springs into growth : spring

7. : a state or place of retirement (as from cares, responsibilities, or privileges)

would like to go to grass for a month or so

has been at grass for several years

8. : grass sponge

9. : electronic noise on a radarscope that takes the form of vertical lines resembling lawn grass

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-es )

transitive verb


a. : to provide (as cattle) with grass for food : furnish with pasture : graze

pasture to grass 30 head

b. : to feed (livestock) on grass without grain or other concentrates


a. : to cover with grass

it is easier but more expensive to grass a lawn with turfs

especially : to seed to grass

decided to grass the north 40 that year

— often used with down

grassed down the newly cleared land with rye grass and white clover

b. : to lay with turfs

3. : to spread (as linen for bleaching) on the grass

4. : to bring or knock to the ground : fell

grassed his opponent with a well-placed blow

especially : to shoot (a game bird) down or land (a fish) on the bank of a stream

intransitive verb

1. : to produce grass — often used with up

the new lawns are grassing up well

2. Britain , of a compositor : to do temporary or casual work : sub

III. noun

: marijuana

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