Meaning of LEFT-HANDED in English


I. ˈ ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ adjective

Etymology: Middle English left handed, from left hand + -ed

1. : having the left hand more apt or usable than the right : preferring the left hand : southpaw

a brilliant left-handed pitcher


a. : marked by clumsiness or ineptitude : awkward

b. : exhibiting deviousness or indirection : oblique , unintended

New England contributed to freedom of conscience only by the left-handed method of making martyrs to that cause — G.W.Johnson

c. obsolete : given to malevolent scheming or contriving : sinister , underhand

3. : marked by uncertain or ambiguous intent : backhanded , dubious , double-edged

is not very grateful for this support, which it considers a left-handed compliment — J.A.C.F.Auer

did the industry a left-handed favor — Steelways

4. archaic : portending ill : inauspicious


a. : of, relating to, or born of a morganatic marriage

b. : of or relating to an illicit or informal liaison : illegitimate

though only four marriages between Frenchmen and Indians were recorded, left-handed marriages are known to have been frequent — William & Mary Quarterly

6. : left-hand 4


a. : having a crystal structure that has a mirror-image relationship to another enantiomorphous structure regarded as right-handed in which the same compound can crystallize

left-handed quartz

b. : having crystal faces that result from and may be used to characterize such a structure

c. : levorotatory

8. of a rope : left-laid

9. : sinistral

left-handed whelks

• left-hand·ed·ly adverb

• left-hand·ed·ness noun -es

II. adverb

: with the left hand : in a left-handed manner : left-handedly

pitched left-handed

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