Meaning of LOOP in English


I. ˈlüp noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English loupe; perhaps akin to Middle Dutch lupen to lie in wait, watch, peer

archaic : a small narrow opening (as in a wall) : loophole

massy walls … exhibited loops for archers — Ann Radcliffe

II. noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English loupe, of unknown origin


a. : a fold or doubling of a line (as a thread, cord, or rope) leaving an aperture between the parts through which another line can be passed or into which a hook may be hooked

b. : such a fold of cord or ribbon serving as an ornament (as on a uniform) — see shoulder loop

c. : loop knot


a. : something (as a figure, course, formation, or structure) having the shape of a loop

the loop of the “a” was formed with some irregularity — F.W.Crofts

saw the loop of a river — John Buchan

the driveway turns in a loop before a fine … gate — American Guide Series: Virginia

b. : a turning area for cars, locomotives, or trains at the end of a railway or a street railway

c. : the portion of a lasso forming a noose

the loop settled over his prey — P.B.Kyne


(1) : a school figure in which a skater executes a semicircle followed immediately by a complete revolution around his vertical axis finishing with a second semicircle and thus tracing an oval within a larger circle while remaining on the same edge throughout

(2) : a figure resembling a small figure eight made by following the first loop with a second one executed on the same edge of the opposite foot

e. : a surgical electrode in the form of a loop

f. : a maneuver in which an airplane starting from straight and level flight passes successively through a climb, inverted flight, a dive, and then returns to normal flight — called also inside loop ; compare outside loop

g. : a curved sand bar enclosing or nearly enclosing a body of water

h. : a road constituting a detour or an arm of a cloverleaf off a main thoroughfare

graveled side loops so that you can park off the highway — Mary Richards

3. : a ring or curved piece made of some material (as wood, metal, or cloth) and used to form a fastening or a handle : eye , staple

jeans with five belt loops — advt


a. : the portion of a vibrating string, air column, or other vibrating body between two nodes

b. : the middle point of such a portion

5. : a fingerprint in which some of the papillary ridges make a single backward turn without any twist — compare arch 3e, whorl ; see fingerprint illustration


[probably from the Loop, important business district in Chicago, Illinois]

: the main business section or the most congested part of a city

a large loop spread over many blocks — Norman Katkov

7. : a closed electric circuit: as

a. : one cell of a mesh or lattice

b. : a power feeder that returns to the point of origin and can thus feed in either direction

8. : a wire usually of platinum bent at one end into a small loop (usually 4 millimeters in inside diameter) and used in transferring microorganisms — compare needle

9. : an athletic conference or league

10. : a lateral movement made by a defensive player when the ball is snapped in football

11. : an 18-hole round of golf

12. : loop antenna

13. : a portion of film or magnetic tape

- for a loop

- on the loop

III. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

intransitive verb

1. : to form a loop

the river loops around the city

2. : to move (as through the air) in loops

the ring-billed gulls loop above … the lake — American Guide Series: Minnesota

a grenade came looping through the air — Lionel Shapiro

3. : to execute a loop in an airplane

transitive verb


a. : to place (something) within a loop : make a loop on or about

looped his finger with string

lakes that loop the town … like a chain of beads — American Guide Series: Minnesota

b. : to fasten with a loop

the car is looped to the bag by steel cables — H.W.Baldwin

— often used with up

loop up a curtain

c. : to make a loop in or of

loop a string

2. : to furnish with loopholes

3. : to join (two courses of loops) in knitting

4. : to connect (electric conductors) so as to complete a loop

5. : to cause (an airplane) to go into a loop

6. : to cause to move especially through the air in a course resembling or characterized by a loop

looped the grenade into the enemy trench

looped a long forward pass downfield

- loop the loop

IV. noun

1. : a series of instructions (as for a computer) that is repeated usually until a terminating condition is reached

2. : intrauterine device herein ; especially : lippes loop herein

3. : an exclusive group having privileged knowledge or influence

cut dissenters out of the loop

4. : cycle 2a

caught in the loop of co-dependency

5. : a continuously repeated segment of music, dialogue, or images

a drum loop

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