Meaning of MOUNTED in English



Etymology: from past participle of mount (II)

1. archaic : piled high : heaped up

the farthest bourn of mounted eastern cloud — George Meredith


a. : seated or riding on a horse : serving on horseback

mounted police

b. : provided with a means of transportation

a mounted messenger shall record the actual number of times he stops his vehicle to make a delivery — U.S. Post Office Manual

c. : performed with the aid of a means of transportation

mounted patrol

no mounted collection is needed in strictly residential territory — U.S. Post Office Manual

3. : being in working order or placed in position for firing

a completely mounted rifle

the quarter-deck guns all adrift, and not even mounted — Frederick Marryat


a. : assembled or equipped for use especially by being attached to a support

tractors with mounted implements — Roy Lewis & Angus Maude

b. : prepared for display especially by being furnished with an appropriate frame or setting

mounted engraving

thousands of mounted specimens of tiger beetles — R.K.Plumb

specifically : decorated with applied ornamentation

spied the trim, brass mounted carbine of the ranger — F.V.W.Mason

c. of a gemstone : backed with enamel, foil, or dye in order to improve the color

d. : having the pipes displayed as part of the organ case or otherwise specially set up — used of a pipe-organ stop

5. : equipped with scenery, lighting, costumes, and properties

learn what she is thinking through an impressionistically mounted sound flashback — Lewis Jacobs

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