Meaning of PARTING in English


I. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English partinge, parting, from gerund of parten to part

1. archaic : departure

nothing troubled me at my parting from the island — Daniel Defoe


a. : the action of separating or dividing into parts : the state of being parted

could feel the soft parting of her lips — Hamilton Basso

many failures which result in parting of the drill pipe in the well bore — Primer of Oil Well Drilling

b. : separation of the constituents of alloys ; especially : the separation of gold from silver (as in refining)

3. : a mutual separation of two or more persons : the action of leaving one another : leave-taking

good night, good night! parting is such sweet sorrow — Shakespeare

4. : a part or place where separation occurs: as

a. chiefly Britain : part 11

wavy black hair, neatly brushed into a parting — Christopher La Farge

b. : the joint where one section of a foundry mold meets another

5. : something that serves to separate two or more objects:


(1) : a thin depositional layer separating thick deposits (as shale in a coal seam)

(2) : a geological joint or fissure

b. : the fine sand or other similar material used to prevent adhesions of the members of a foundry mold

6. : a process of making combs out of flat plates with little or no waste by cutting the combs two at a time so that the teeth of one comb are formed of the material in the interstices between the teeth of the other comb

7. : lamellar separation in a crystallized mineral due to a cause other than cleavage (as the presence of twinning lamellae)

- parting of the ways

II. adjective

Etymology: from present participle of part (II)

1. : being in the process of departing

in the direction of the parting figure — A.C.Benson

especially : dying 1a

the curfew tolls the knell of parting day — Thomas Gray

fortify the parting soul — J.M.Neale

2. : given, taken, or performed at parting : farewell , final

he remembered his father's parting advice — F.V.W.Mason

added as a parting shot

3. : serving to part : constituting a space or boundary between objects : dividing , separating

a parting layer of pure flint — Charles Lyell

4. archaic : undergoing division : in the process of dividing : breaking up : breaking

the parting ship that instant is no more — William Falconer

5. : used in foundry work to prevent adhesion of parts of a mold to each other or of sand to molds

parting compound

parting dust

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