Meaning of RATING in English


I. noun

( -s )

Etymology: from gerund of rate (I)

: scolding , rebuke

gave him a severe rating

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: from gerund of rate (III)

1. : a classification according to grade : rank: as

a. : the relative standing of a sailor in a ship's company

had the rating of boatswain's mate

b. : an assignment in an occupational group (as in the United States Navy) within which a petty officer holds a rate

a petty officer with a rating of radarman

c. : a specialist classification in the armed forces (as pilot, parachutist, gunner)

2. chiefly Britain : a naval enlisted man

two officers and ten ratings aboard each vessel — Manchester Guardian Weekly


a. : a relative estimate or evaluation (as of status, achievement, or appeal) : standing , mark

his rating was high

the good academic rating of the school

a high rating for honesty in government — J.A.Morris b. 1904

had the highest rating in the examination

b. : an estimate of the credit and responsibility of an individual or business concern

c. : estimation of an indivdual's traits and qualities (as interests, abilities, attitudes, or personality) by his indicated preferences on a scale of items

d. : an estimate of the percentage of the public listening to or viewing a particular radio or television program

was Mr. Television himself … had a rating of twenty-eight — Pete Martin

4. : a stated operating limit of a machine expressible in power units (as in horsepower of a motor, kilowatts of a direct-current generator, or kilovolt amperes of an alternator) or in characteristics (as speed, voltage, or frequency) — compare duty 5b

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