Meaning of READING in English

I. ˈrēdiŋ, -dēŋ noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English redinge, from Old English rǣding, from rǣdan to read + -ing (suffix forming nouns from verbs)


a. : material designed to be read : matter for reading

chose the reading for the great books course

especially : a particular selection of such material designed to be read at one time or as a unit

readings from contemporary fiction


(1) : the material read (as in a particular field) by an individual

were discriminating in their reading

thought he had seen the word somewhere in his reading

(2) : the extent to which an individual has read

a person of vast reading


a. : the particular form (as a variation in spelling, style, syntax, choice of vocabulary) used in a particular edition or other source of material designed to be read : a particular version

found an interesting reading of the same passage in one of the older manuscripts

the generally accepted reading

b. : an indication of particular data made by an instrument

examined the reading of the thermometer


a. : a particular interpretation of something observed, studied, or experienced

new readings of the history — James Martineau

b. : a particular performance and interpretation of something (as the lines of a play, the score of a musical composition)

a sensitive reading of the principal role

a knowledgeable reading of the symphony

II. adjective

1. : of or relating to reading

a reading list

or readers

formed a small reading group


a. : designed or used for reading

a reading lamp

a reading desk

b. : set aside for reading

a reading room

III. ˈrediŋ, -dēŋ adjective

Usage: usually capitalized

Etymology: from Reading, county borough in southern England

1. : of or from the county borough of Reading, England : of the kind or style prevalent in Reading


[from Reading, city in southeast Pennsylvania]

: of or from the city of Reading, Pa. : of the kind or style prevalent in Reading

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