Meaning of REDUNDANCY in English


I. rə̇ˈdəndənsē, rēˈ-, -si noun

also re·dun·dance -n(t)s

( plural redundancies also redundances )

Etymology: Latin redundantia, from redundant-, redundans + -ia -y

1. : the quality or state of being redundant : superfluity

dread of economic redundancy that drove terrified mill hands to wreck Arkwright's spinning jenny — Times Literary Supplement


a. : a lavish or excessive supply : profusion , overabundance

a redundancy of jewelry and a scarcity of clothing — Alan Moorehead

a magnificent redundancy of beard — Elinor Wylie

b. : a nonessential appendage

c. : surplusage in a legal pleading


a. : superfluous repetition or verbosity : prolixity , tautology

the … florid redundancy of Italian prose — Havelock Ellis

b. : an act or instance of needless repetition

redundancies result … when the writer fails to perceive the scope of a word — Bruce Westly

4. : the part of a communication that can be eliminated without loss of essential information ; specifically : the number arrived at by subtracting from one the ratio of the actual information content of a communication to the maximum information content and expressed as a percentage

II. noun

chiefly Britain

1. : dismissal from a job especially by layoff

2. : duplication of components (as of a computer system) that allows continued functionality despite the failure of an individual component

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