Meaning of REPRESENTATION in English

ˌreprə̇ˌzen.ˈtāshən, -prēˌz-, -zən.-, in rapid speech often ÷ -pə(ˌ)z-, chiefly in substand speech -pər(ˌ)z- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English representacion, from Middle French representation, from Latin repraesentation-, repraesentatio, from repraesentatus (past participle of repraesentare to represent) + -ion-, -io -ion

1. : one that represents or is represented: as

a. : a likeness, picture, model, or other reproduction

representations in pottery of frogs and turtles — Times Literary Supplement

an allegorical representation … decorates the main pediment — American Guide Series: Michigan


(1) : a statement or account especially made to convey a particular view or impression of something with the intention of influencing opinion or action

his representations … influenced the president to investigate — American Guide Series: Minnesota

make no false representations to me — Thomas Hardy

defendant's representations that said automobile was new — Southeastern Reporter

(2) : a statement of fact incidental or collateral to a contract made orally or in writing and on the faith of which the contract is entered into — compare affirmative I 3b, promissory , warranty

written representations obtained from officials of the client — R.S.Johns

the contract of sale contains a representation by the purchaser — U.S. Code

c. : a dramatic production or performance

a theatrical representation


(1) : a usually formal and serious statement (as of facts, reasons, or arguments) made against something or to effect a change

the colonial secretary made representations on behalf of the Uitlanders — Ethel Drus

(2) : a usually formal protest : expostulation , remonstrance

the tenants had decided not to pay the increase until they had made representations to the Native Affairs Department — H.S.Warner


(1) : an image or idea formed by the mind

(2) : an idea that is the direct object of thought and the mental counterpart or transcript of the object known by means of it

2. : the act or action of representing or the state of being represented: as

a. : the action of representing (as by portrayal or delineation) in a visible image or form

a strict representation of nature would require that it curve — Hunter Mead

entrance of light rays into the eye and their final representation in the brain — F.A.Geldard

an exponent of representation rather than abstraction in art

b. : the action of setting forth or placing before another (as by a statement, account, or discourse) especially with a view to affecting action

the representation of student opinion to the administration — Seton Hall University Bulletin

yielding to the artful representation of ambitious hypocrites — Sir Walter Scott


(1) : the action or fact of one person standing for another so as to have to a greater or less extent the rights and obligations of the person represented ; specifically : the relation of an heir to his predecessor when both the rights and obligations of the predecessor devolve upon the heir (as in Roman and Scots law)

(2) : the substitution of an individual or class of individuals in place of a person (as when a child or children take the share of an estate that would have fallen to a deceased parent)


(1) : the action of representing or the fact of being represented in a legislative body

representation of territory … rather than of population — G.A.Graham

raise the issue of Chinese representation — New Statesman & Nation

the ancient world knew nothing of the device of representation — Woodrow Wilson

(2) : the action or fact of being represented in some other grouping, body, or aggregation

in … such universities and colleges there is no representation of any non-West European culture — American Council of Learned Society Newsletter

representation of classic issues in the collection


(1) : the action or process by which the mind forms an image or idea of an object

(2) : recurrent as opposed to simple presentation

3. : the whole body of persons representing a constituency

when vacancies happen in the representation of any state in the Senate — U.S. Constitution

chosen head of the United States representation — Current Biography

small representations from the Baltic states — Henry Giniger

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