Meaning of REQUEST in English

I. rə̇ˈkwest, rēˈk- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English requeste, from Middle French, from Old French, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin requaesita, from feminine of (assumed) Vulgar Latin requaesitus, past participle of (assumed) Vulgar Latin requaerere to need, seek for, inquire after — more at require

1. : the act of asking for something (as an object, a favor, or some action desired) : an expression of a desire or wish : entreaty , petition

I will marry her, sir, at your request — Shakespeare

let me renew my request that you would repeat the tale — Benjamin Jowett


a. : an instance of asking for something : an expressed desire

requests for murals … are more numerous — American Guide Series: Minnesota

staff personnel answer individual requests for specific information — U.S. Atomic Energy Commission

b. : a document or other writing embodying such an expressed desire : petition

first-class mail bearing the sender's return request — U.S. Post Office Manual

3. : the thing that is asked for : the matter or subject of the asking

his own bank has refused him … because his request exceeds its legal limit — Nation's Business

turned down the growers' request for a … council — Farmer's Weekly (South Africa)

granted a request

4. : the condition or fact of being requested

the pamphlet … is available on request — Official Register of Harvard University

tickets will be available only upon request

5. : the state of being asked for or held in such estimation as to be sought after : demand

his scientific knowledge … brought him otherwise into moderate request — Charles Dickens

much in request as an after-dinner speaker

a book in great request

- by request

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle French requester, from Old French, from requeste, n.


a. : to ask (as a person or an organization) to do something

the essay I am requested to write — Ellen Glasgow

I request you to give my poor host freedom — Shakespeare

requested the Parliament to act — Current Biography

b. : to ask (as a person or an organization) for something

request the board for an opinion

2. : to ask for permission or opportunity (to do something) : express a wish or desire (to do something)

he … requests to be excused from the ungrateful task — G.S.Faber

we had requested to sleep in the straw-loft — G.J.Cayley

3. obsolete : to ask (a person) to come or go to something or someplace

I was requested to supper last night — Ben Jonson

4. : to ask for

requested a brief delay — Vera M. Dean

officials requested the area for Indian families — American Guide Series: Minnesota

requested that seven physicians withdraw from the … organization — Current Biography

Synonyms: see ask

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