Meaning of SALE in English

I. ˈsāl, esp before pause or consonant -āəl noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English sala, from Old Norse — more at sell

1. : the act of selling : a contract transferring the absolute or general ownership of property from one person or corporate body to another for a price (as a sum of money or any other consideration) ; specifically : a present transfer of such ownership of and title to all of or a part interest in personal property (as existing identifiable movable and tangible or fungible goods) under a contract by the seller to the buyer for a price paid or payable in money or other personal property — distinguished from gift

arranged the sale of a large estate to a syndicate of home builders

2. : exhibition for selling : the status of being purchasable — usually used in the phrases for sale and on sale

put a house up for sale

on sale at most stationery stores


a. : opportunity of selling or being sold : demand , market

counting on a large sale for their latest publication

b. : distribution (as of goods or services) by selling

the average total sale for books in this category — Saturday Review

4. : public disposal to the highest bidder : auction

art dealers flocking to the sale of a famous collection of early Renaissance masters


a. : a selling off of goods (as surplus or shopworn stock) at bargain prices

a clearance sale

rummage sale

b. : an advertised disposal of marked-down goods

a dress bought at a department-store sale

6. sales plural

a. : operations and activities involved in promoting and selling goods or services

a sales department

vice-president in charge of sales

b. : gross receipts

sales were over five million dollars

- on sale or return

II. adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from sale, n.

1. : made for selling rather than home use : purchasable

sale bread

sale milk

sale ware

2. : produced in large quantities for the trade : ready-made

sale doors

sale tools

3. : selling

special sale price

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