Meaning of SEA HORSE in English


Etymology: Middle English sehors, from se, see sea + hors horse — more at sea , horse


a. : walrus 1

b. obsolete : hippopotamus

2. : a fabulous creature half horse and half fish ; also : a heraldic representation of a monster with the forepart of a horse joined to the tail of a fish and with webbed feet


a. : any of numerous small fishes (family Syngnathidae) mostly of the genus Hippocampus that are related to the pipefishes but of stockier build, have the head and forepart of the body sharply flexed and suggestive of the head and neck of a horse, are covered with rough bony plates and equipped with a prehensile tail and in the male a short broad pouch immediately behind the vent in which the eggs hatch, and occur in most warm and warm-temperate seas

b. : horsefish 1d

4. : a large whitecap on a wave

5. : a short-handled clam rake with long prongs

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sea horse 3


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