Meaning of SEA in English


I. ˈsē noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English see, from Old English sǣ; akin to Old Frisian sē sea, Old Saxon & Old High German sē, sēo, Old Norse sær, sjōr, sjār, Gothic saiws


a. : the great body of salty water that covers much of the earth's surface : the oceans of the world with their dependent saline waters ; broadly : the waters of the earth as distinguished from the land and air

b. : a particular part of the sea

southern seas

the fair sea of England

c. : one of the bodies of salt water of the earth that are secondary in size to oceans : a body of salt water of second rank more or less landlocked and generally forming part of, or connecting with an ocean or a larger sea

the Mediterranean sea

d. : ocean — compare high sea

e. : an inland body of water especially if large or if salt or brackish

the Caspian sea

the Sea of Aral

sometimes : a small freshwater lake

the Sea of Galilee


a. : surface motion on a large body of water or its direction

the sea sits southward

also : rough water : a heavy swell or wave

a sea struck us

heavy seas nearly swamped the boat

b. : the disturbance of the ocean or other body of water due to the wind blowing at the time and place of observation

mild breezes and little sea

3. : something (as a vast expanse, an overwhelming flood, or an agitated surface) felt to resemble a sea

saw only an endless sea of sandy plain

a sea of folly

lost in the seas of time

4. : the expanse of the high seas as a field of life, business, or naval operations : voyaging as a livelihood

follow the sea

retired from the sea

5. : seashore , seaside

spent the summer at the sea

6. : seawater

7. : mare III

- at sea

- beyond seas

- to sea

II. adjective

1. : of, relating to, or characteristic of the sea or a sea

sea arm

sea smells

2. : of or relating to a ship, ship personnel, equipment or related matters : of or used by seamen or passengers on a ship

sea discipline


a. : occurring on, upon, or over the waters of the sea or a sea

sea traffic

sea routes

b. : of or relating to navigation, shipping, or similar matters

sea charts

sea terms

c. : fit for use on the high seas : seagoing

a sea yacht

4. : of or relating to the navy : naval

a sea engagement

sea bases

5. : having the sea or part of the sea for field, territory, subject, object (as of activity, interest, concern)

sea robber

a sea painter

sea poem

sea stories

sea dominion

6. : inhabiting the sea or seashore

sea nymphs

sea dwellers

7. : deposited by the sea

sea gravel

8. : of, occurring on, or belonging to the seacoast or seashore

sea forts

sea dunes

9. : coming from or showing over the sea or occurring at sea

sea clouds

the deep sea roar

10. : made, formed, or shaped by the sea or the action of the sea

a sea frontier

sea cobbles

III. abbreviation


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