Meaning of SEA in English


[noun] - the salty water which covers a large part of the surface of the Earth, or a large area of salty water, smaller than an ocean, which is partly or completely surrounded by landthe North Sea [U]the Mediterranean Sea [U]the Caspian Sea [U]The Atlantic isn't a sea - it's an ocean. [C]We went swimming in the sea. [U]There were lots of small yachts sailing on the sea. [U]When we moved to the US, we sent our things/travelled there by sea (= in a ship). [U]I'd love to live on an island in the middle of the sea! [U]Moscow is a long way from the sea. [U]The River Nile flows into the sea near Alexandria. [U]The barrels of nuclear waste fell off the ship and are now lying at the bottom of the sea. [U]The sea was calm/smooth/choppy/rough when we crossed the Channel. [U]Choppy seas can often make travelling between the islands difficult. [C]Is the sea (= the water) clean enough to swim in here? [U]We spent a lovely week by the sea (= on the coast) this year. [U]Soon we had left the river estuary and were heading towards the open sea (= the part of the sea a long way from land). [U]The refugees were at sea (= in a boat on the sea a long way from land) for forty days before reaching land. [U]She stood motionless, staring out to sea (= over the sea into the distance). [U]A sea is also one of the large flat areas on the moon which in the past were thought to be seas.The Sea of ShowersA sea of something is a lot of it.The teacher looked down and saw a sea of smiling faces.I'm all/completely at sea with (= confused by) the new coins.The boats will put (out) to sea (= leave) on this evening's high tide.My grandfather ran away to sea/went to sea (= became a sailor) when he was twelve.Sometimes -on-sea or -by-sea is used in the name of a town on the coast.Southend-on-SeaGoring-by-SeaA sea anemone is a soft, brightly coloured sea creature which looks like a flower and often lives on rocks under the water.A sea breeze is a light cool wind blowing from the sea onto the land.A sea captain is a person in charge of a ship, esp. one used for trading rather than for military purposes.There will have to be a sea change (= a complete change) in people's ideas if public transport is ever to replace the private car.(literary or humorous) A sea dog is an old sailor with many years of experience at sea.His grandfather had the weather-beaten features of an old sea dog.A ship usually travels in a sea lane (= along a fixed route across the sea).A person's sea legs are their ability to keep their balance while walking on a moving ship and not be ill.How are your sea legs? I think it's going to be a rough crossing.Sea level is the average height of the sea where it meets the land.The top of Mount Everest is 8 848m above sea level.Much of Holland lies at or below sea level.A sea lion is a large seal from the North Pacific Ocean which has large ears and can move on land.Sea lions often perform in entertainments such as circuses.A sea urchin is a small edible sea animal which lives in water that is not very deep, and has a spherical shell that is covered with sharp points like needles.A sea wall is a wall that protects land from being flooded or damaged by the sea or protects a port from the action of powerful waves.

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