Meaning of SUPER- in English


Etymology: Latin, over, above, in addition, from super, adverb & preposition — more at over



(1) : over and above : higher in quantity, quality, or degree : more than

super standard

super conscious

(2) : in addition : extra

super tax

(3) : of a secondary character

super parasite


(1) : exceeding a norm

super alkalinity

super secretion

(2) : in excessive degree or intensity

super ingenious

super refined

c. : surpassing all or most others of its kind or class (as in power, size, or complexity)

super bomber

super weapon

super state


a. : situated or placed above, on, or at the top of

super tower

super glacial

specifically : situated on the dorsal side of

b. : next above or higher

super octave

super tonic

3. : having the (specified) ingredient present in a large or unusually large proportion

super oxide

— compare bi- 4a, per- 1b(1)

4. : having an additional dimension

super cube

super surface

5. : constituting a more inclusive category than that specified

super family

super species

6. : superior in status, title, or position

super sovereign

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