Meaning of SUPER in English

I. ˈsüpə(r) noun

( -s )


[short for supernumerary, superintendent, supervisor ]

a. : supernumerary ; especially : a supernumerary actor

b. : one in a position of authority or superiority : superintendent , supervisor


[short for obsolete superhive, from super- + hive ]

: a removable upper story of a beehive containing sections for the storage of honey


[English thieves' slang, alteration of souper, probably from white souper silver watch, from white soup melted silver from stolen articles + English -er ]

: watch 7a


[ super (III) ]

a. : a superfine or superior grade or quality : an extra large size

b. : an article of merchandise of a superfine grade, quality, or large size


[by shortening]

: superphosphate


[origin unknown]

: a thin loosely woven open-meshed starched cotton fabric used especially for reinforcing books


[by shortening]

: supermarket

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb

: to reinforce (as a book backbone) with super

intransitive verb

: to perform as a super

III. adjective


[by shortening]

: superficial 1b


[short for superfine ]


(1) : of a superfine grade or quality

(2) : of great worth, value, excellence, or superiority

tiered tables make super end tables for a small sofa — Better Homes & Gardens

add mint to chocolate syrup for a super sundae sauce — Parents' Magazine

b. : possessing the greatest size, power, complexity, intensity, or development : being very great

super atomic bomb

super truck

super drugstore

a plaster casting … in bilious super gloss colors — I.A.N.Henderson


(1) : exhibiting the characteristics of its type to a great or excessive degree

clowns … are, in essence, super realists — John Grierson

specifically : manifesting excessive loyalty

super patriot

(2) : carried, developed, or made use of to an excessive degree

super secrecy

the assumption that safety lies in setting up verboten signs … is what a super legalism leads to — W.E.Binkley

d. : embracing in its structure or authority complexes of its own nature

such a business-labor-agricultural council would develop into a super lobby with coercive powers — New Republic

IV. adverb

1. : very , extremely

a brand-new super special stove — Parents' Magazine

2. : excessively

inclined to be super critical of the present era hunters — Ed Shearer

V. abbreviation

1. superfine

2. superheterodyne

3. superior

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.