Meaning of TOURNAMENT in English


ˈtu̇rnəmənt, ˈtər, ˈtu̇ən, ˈtə̄n-, ˈtəin- sometimes ˈtȯ(r)n- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English tornement, turnement, from Old French torneiement, from torneier to engage in mounted combat + -ment — more at tourney



(1) : a knightly sport originating in the middle ages in which mounted armored combatants armed usually with blunted lances or swords and divided into two parties engaged one another to exhibit their skill, prowess, and courage and to win a prize or favor bestowed by the lady of the tournament chosen for the occasion

(2) : the whole series of knightly sports, jousts, and tilts occurring at a particular time and place

(3) : a modern contest in which mounted men tilt with lances at suspended rings

b. : something resembling a medieval tournament

it is the tournament of open minds that settles things — William Alfred

2. obsolete : shock of battle : battle , encounter

with cruel tournament the squadrons join — John Milton


a. : an athletic meeting comprising contests in a large number of sports

b. : an event by the military in which contests especially adapted to military training (as artillery driving, wall scaling, wrestling) are held

c. : a trial of skill in which many contestants compete for championship in a series of elimination contests

d. : a fishing contest in which many anglers participate

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