Meaning of TRUFFLE in English

ˈtrəfəl, -rüf-, -ru̇f- noun

( -s )

Etymology: modification of Middle French truffe, from Old Provençal trufa, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin tufera, tufer, alteration of Latin tuber hump, tumor, truffle — more at tuber


a. : the edible subterranean fruiting body of various European fungi of the genus Tuber usually dark-colored, warty or rugose, resembling a rounded or ovoid tuber, and filled with ascospores ; broadly : any similar fruiting body of a fungus of the family Tuberaceae

b. : a fungus that produces truffles

2. : false truffle

3. : a candy made of chocolate, butter, and sugar shaped into balls and coated with cocoa, macaroon crumbs, or chopped nuts

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