Meaning of WITH in English


I. (|)wi]th, ]th, _wə] preposition

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English, preposition & adverb, against, opposite, toward, with; akin to Old English wither against, Old Saxon with, withar against, with, Old High German widar against, back, again, Old Norse vith, vithr against, with, Gothic withra against, Old Slavic vŭtorŭ other, second, Sanskrit vi apart, asunder, vitaram farther and perhaps to Latin vitium fault, vice; basic meaning: apart, divided


a. : in opposition to : against

fought bitterly with his partner

had had a constant tussle with insomnia — Lucien Price

b. : away from : so as to be separated or detached from

broke with his family and left home

refused adamantly to part with any of his most cherished possessions


a. : alongside of : near to

the boat was running close in with the land

b. : in a line or on a course paralleling the direction or movement of

with the grain

with the wind

c. : in the same direction as the course or motion of : favorable to

the wind was with the boat

the tide is with us


a. — used as a function word to indicate one to whom a communication or statement is made

a grave mistake to go into long explanations with such a person — W.J.Reilly

b. archaic : in the mind or will of : within

consider with yourselves, to bring in … a lion among ladies is a most dreadful thing — Shakespeare


a. — used as a function word to indicate one that shares in an action, transaction, or arrangement

we who have worked with them day and night — J.K.Blake

three quarters of its annual business … is now done with Americans — E.O.Hauser

a salon … brought off in an academic town with young men and women on cookies and hot chocolate — Lucien Price

b. — used as a function word to indicate the object of attention, behavior, or feeling

their satisfaction with the institution — E.P.Vonderhaar

get tough with him

angry with her

in love with her

c. : in respect to : so far as concerns

on friendly terms with all nations

expressed agreement with his views

seemed to be all right with her whether we bought or not — G.P.Musselman

d. — used to indicate the object of an adverbial expression of imperative force

off with his head

away with him

e. : as the doer, giver, or victim of

charged with murder

threatened with tuberculosis

f. : over , upon

no longer has any influence with him

g. : in the performance, operation, or use of

prospering with their dairy industry — C.B.Hitchcock

the trouble with this machine

something went wrong with the radio


a. — used as a function word to indicate the object of a statement of comparison, equality, or sameness

this house is identical with the one you have just seen

on equal terms with the other applicants

b. — used as a function word to express agreement or concurrence

if we accept this evidence we must conclude, with him, that the painting is a forgery

oar flashing with oar

c. : on the side of : willing to give aid or support to : for

if he's trying to cut down accidents, I'm with him

the election will show whether the people are with him in this new policy

d. : as well as : not inferior to

can pitch with the best of them


a. : in the judgment or estimation of

he stood well with his fellow classmates

b. : in or according to the experience or practice of

with many of us, our ideas seem to fall by the wayside — W.J.Reilly

with the surrealists … the ideal is nothing else than the material world reflected by the human mind — Herbert Read

an accustomed action with her, to seem thus washing her hands — Shakespeare

c. : after the manner, judgment, or practice of : like

suffer with Job



(1) archaic : by the direct act of

here is himself, marred, as you see, with traitors — Shakespeare

(2) obsolete : born of or procreated by

she speaks, and 'tis such sense that my sense breeds with it — Shakespeare

b. : by means of : by the use or agency of : through

the plot is unfolded almost entirely with the camera rather than with words — Time

one of the nicest ways to say “Merry Christmas” is with a gift you've created yourself — Item

just got in with the bus — Alasdair Carmichael

c. : by the presence, addition, or contiguity of

bordered front and back with boxwood hedges — American Guide Series: Pennsylvania

an attic filled with junk

an atmosphere permeated with suspicion

d. : as a result of : in consequence of : because of

pale with anger

had woken up, about 1 o'clock, with a fellow blowing his horn — Dorothy Sayers

was rosy with breasting the hill — Maurice Hewlett


a. — used as a function word to indicate manner of action

ran with effort

spoke with ease

b. — used as a function word to indicate a related or supplementary fact or circumstance

stark silence with no recognition whatsoever is the common reception — W.J.Reilly

morning sessions are largely case problems, with guest speakers in the afternoon — C.F.Craig

remains essentially unchanged, with many old houses now largely owned by summer residents — American Guide Series: New Hampshire

c. — used as a function word to indicate an emotional or mental state accompanying a specified action

with purity and holiness will I pass my life and practice my art — Hippocratic Oath

looked on with horror

d. — used as a function word to indicate a circumstance accompanying or a result attendant on a specified action

looking out over the water with his chin supported on his hands — E.G.O'Neill

told us about it with detail — W.A.White

escaped with a brief imprisonment when less affluent agitators were hanged — American Guide Series: North Carolina

attacked with great loss of life

e. — used as a function word to indicate connection or relationship in idea, state, or action

taking one day with another

with such speed, caution was impossible


a. : immediately consequent upon — used before a demonstrative pronoun

with this she seizeth on his sweating palm — Shakespeare

b. : at the moment or time of

is up with the dawn

: on the occurrence of or as a result of the occurrence of

with whose death the scepter passed into other hands — Kemp Malone

with the outbreak of the Civil War he returned North — T.S.Palmer

c. — used as a function word to indicate a person or thing that serves as a point of departure or conclusion

we will begin with you

ended the lecture with this quotation

d. : at the same time as : at the time a specified action or event is performed or experienced by

men who were born just before or with the century — Manès Sperber

the captain went down with his ship

e. : in the course of

with time the amount of fossil fuels remaining approaches zero — W.P.Webb

f. : in proportion to

the pressure varies with the depth


a. — used as a function word to indicate addition or supplement

his own funds, with the money he borrowed, enabled him to gain control of the business

b. : inclusive of

it costs five dollars, with the tax

c. archaic — used as a function word to invoke evil or misfortune

show your knave's visage, with a pox to you — Shakespeare

d. — used as a function word to indicate something given, received, or taken for granted

with your leave

with your permission

e. — used as a function word to introduce a refrain (as of a poem or song)

with hey, ho, the wind and the rain — Shakespeare

f. — used as a function word to indicate combination or mixture of ingredients

blend melted chocolate with the batter

heat milk with honey

g. : joined to : placed, arranged, or grouped in the same space, combination, package, or getup as

put the bill away with the others

ordered onion with his hamburger

wore a cloth cap with his sport shirt

h. — used as a function word to introduce an expression of gratitude, regard, or affection especially in a message or letter

we return your contribution with thanks

with the compliments of the author


a. — used as a function word to indicate accompaniment or companionship

a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief — Isa 53:3 (Authorized Version)

b. : at the home of : visiting

her mother is with her for the summer

: in attendance on : seeing

the doctor is with him now

c. : in the company of : as companion of

went to the theater with his wife

his long friendship with his rival for the position

d. : present to

this hot spell has been with us for a week

peace by with you

e. : as part of : having membership or participation in

seven hundred and one men who graduated from Harvard with the class of 1904 — F.D.Roosevelt

goes along with the crowd

has been with the firm for twenty years


a. : in the care, guidance, or possession of

left the money with his mother

carried his prejudices abroad with him

the children went to the fair with their teacher

b. : having the possession, keeping, or guidance of : having, holding, or wearing

came with good news

a bride with a large fortune

a diplomat with important missions — G.C.Sellery

marched in with their uniforms of scarlet and gold — P.D.Whitney

c. : characterized or distinguished by

a man with a hot temper

a woman with a sharp tongue

a knife with a dull blade

d. : by reason of having, containing, or giving forth

it was pouring with rain — Archibald Marshall

the air is sharp with frost — Corey Ford

e. — used as a function word to indicate one that possesses a specified attribute

has a pleasing way with her

f. — used as a function word to indicate an object or source of concern or puzzlement

what's with him

what's with liberalism today — Eric Goldman & Mary Paull


a. : allowing for : in spite of : notwithstanding

a really tip-top man, with all his wrongheadedness — H.J.Laski

b. : except at the cost or loss of

cannot do this with impunity

cannot attain this with honor

c. — used as a function word to indicate a qualification or proviso

accepted the offer with certain conditions

d. : except for

finds that, with one group of omissions and one important addition, they reflect that curriculum — Gilbert Highet

- with it

- with the sun

II. ˈwith, -th adverb

: so as to have something present or added

I'll have my hamburger with

III. noun

also withe ˈwith\

( plural withes )

Etymology: alteration of width

: one of the partitions between the flues in a chimney

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