Meaning of YELLOW in English


I. ˈye](ˌ)lō, ]lə; ]ləw or ]lō+V; dial or NewEng & Brit +V ]lər; dial ˈya] ( but ˈyalə(r) often occurs in standard speech when “high” precedes adjective

( -er/-est )

Etymology: Middle English yelwe, yelow, yalow, from Old English geolu; akin to Old High German gelo yellow, Old Norse gulr yellow, Old Irish gel white, Latin helvus light bay, Greek chlōros greenish yellow, Sanskrit hari yellowish, greenish; basic meaning: shimmer, glow


a. : of the color yellow : of a color of the hue of sulfur or of a hue somewhat less red than that of gold

b. : changed to a yellow hue through age, disease (as jaundice), or discoloration : yellowed , sallow

yellow parchment

yellow skin

c. : having a yellow or mulatto complexion or skin

immigration of Orientals raised a false specter of the peril of the yellow races

having had a white father, he is known as a yellow Negro

the yellow girl stopped — R.P.Warren

2. archaic : affected with envy : jaundiced , jealous


a. : gaining or holding interest by printing or headlining sensational or scandalous items or ordinary news sensationally distorted

tempers might have subsided altogether had not a yellow newspaper … exhorted the soldiers to stand for their rights — Dixon Wecter

the same technique of sensationalism that had lured new readers to the yellow journals — H.L.Smith b. 1906

set his newspaper off sharply from the yellow journalism of morbid sensationalism which flowered … at the turn of the century — F.L.Mott

b. : mean , dishonorable , cowardly

the little yellow stain of treason — M.W.Straight

is too yellow to stand up and fight

has a pronounced yellow streak

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb

: to make or turn yellow : cause to have a yellow tinge or color

old clothes and papers that time and neglect have yellowed

wild daffodils were yellowing the grassy slopes — Victoria Sackville-West

the sun yellows the meadow

intransitive verb

: to become or turn yellow

I let my tobacco yellow for about a week — Caroline Gordon

the leaves yellow in the fall

III. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English yelow, yalow, from yelow, yalow yellow (adjective)


a. : a color whose hue resembles that of ripe lemons or sunflowers or is that of the portion of the spectrum lying between green and orange

b. : the one of the four psychologically primary hues that is evoked in the normal observer under normal conditions by radiant energy of the wavelength 580 millimicrons

c. : one of the six psychologically primary object colors — compare primary 4a

d. : one of the subtractive primaries

e. : a pigment or dye that colors yellow

2. : something that is yellow or is chiefly distinguished by a yellow color: as

a. : a person having yellow skin

had engaged blacks, browns, yellows about equally — Frances Gaither

b. : sulphur II

c. : the yolk of an egg

d. : yellow sponge

3. yellows plural : jaundice , weil's disease

4. yellows plural : any of several plants: as

a. : yellow lady's-slipper

b. : crambling rocket

5. yellows plural : any of several plant diseases (as of aster, celery, or peach) caused by fungi, bacteria, malnutrition, or especially by viruses and characterized by yellowing of the foliage and stunting

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