Meaning of BEND in English


bend 1

— bendable , adj.

/bend/ , v. , bent or ( Archaic ) bended; bending , n.


1. to force (an object, esp. a long or thin one) from a straight form into a curved or angular one, or from a curved or angular form into some different form: to bend an iron rod into a hoop.

2. to direct or turn in a particular direction: to bend one's energies to the task.

3. to cause to submit or yield: to bend someone to one's will.

4. to modify or relax (restrictions, regulations, etc.) temporarily or in certain circumstances: to bend the rules.

5. to incline mentally (usually fol. by to or toward ): bending his thoughts back toward his childhood.

6. to pull back the string of (a bow or the like) in preparation for shooting.

7. Naut. to fasten.

8. Archaic. to strain or brace tensely (often fol. by up ).


9. to become curved, crooked, or bent: a bow that bends easily.

10. to assume a bent posture; stoop (often fol. by over ): to bend as one walks; to bend over and pick up something.

11. to turn or incline in a particular direction; be directed: The road bent toward the south.

12. to yield or submit; give in.

13. to bow in submission or reverence: bending to one's monarch.

14. to direct one's energies: We bent to our work as the bell sounded.

15. bend or lean or fall over backward , to exert oneself to the utmost; make a serious effort: They bent over backward to make sure their guests were comfortable.


16. the act of bending.

17. something that bends; curve; crook: a bend in the road; a bend in the curtain rod.

18. Naut. any of various loops or knots for joining the ends of two ropes or the like, or for joining the end of a rope or the like to some other object.

19. bends , Naut.

a. thick planking immediately below the waterways of a wooden vessel.

b. the wales of a vessel.

20. the bends , aeroembolism (def. 2).

21. around or round the bend , Slang. insane; crazy: These interruptions will send me round the bend!

[ bef. 1000; ME benden (v.) OE bendan to bind, bend (a bow); c. MHG benden, ON benda; akin to ON band band. See BAND 3 ]

Syn. 1. curve, crook, flex, bow. 3. mold, subdue, influence. 10. BEND, BOW, STOOP imply taking a bent posture. BEND and BOW are used of the head and upper body; STOOP is used of the body only.

bend 2

/bend/ , n.

1. Heraldry.

a. a diagonal band extending from the dexter chief of an escutcheon to the sinister base. Cf. bend sinister .

b. in bend , (of a charge) set diagonally or in a diagonal row.

2. Tanning. half of a trimmed butt or hide. See diag. under hide .

[ bef. 1000; ME: coalescence of OE bend band (see BAND 3 ) and MF bende BAND 2 ]

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