Meaning of BREEZE in English


breeze 1

— breezeless , adj. — breezelike , adj.

/breez/ , n. , v. , breezed, breezing .


1. a wind or current of air, esp. a light or moderate one.

2. a wind of 4-31 mph (2-14 m/sec).

3. Informal. an easy task; something done or carried on without difficulty: Finding people to join in the adventure was a breeze.

4. Chiefly Brit. Informal. a disturbance or quarrel.

5. shoot or bat the breeze , Slang.

a. to converse aimlessly; chat.

b. to talk nonsense or exaggerate the truth: He likes to shoot the breeze, so don't take everything he says seriously.


6. (of the wind) to blow a breeze (usually used impersonally with it as subject): It breezed from the west all day.

7. to move in a self-confident or jaunty manner: She breezed up to the police officer and asked for directions.

8. Informal. to proceed quickly and easily; move rapidly without intense effort (often fol. by along, into, or through ): He breezed through the task. The car breezed along the highway.


9. to cause to move in an easy or effortless manner, esp. at less than full speed: The boy breezed the horse around the track.

10. breeze in , Slang.

a. to win effortlessly: He breezed in with an election plurality of 200,000.

b. Also, breeze into or out . to move or act with a casual or careless attitude: He breezed out without paying attention to anyone.

11. breeze up , Atlantic States. to become windy.

[ 1555-65; earlier brize, brise north or northeast wind; cf. D bries, East Fris brîse, F brize, Sp, Pg, Catalan brisa, It brezza; orig. and path of transmission disputed ]

Syn. 1. See wind 1 .

breeze 2

/breez/ , n.

1. cinders, ash, or dust from coal, coke, or charcoal.

2. concrete, brick, or cinder block in which such materials form a component.

[ 1720-30; var. of dial. brays braise live coals, cinders; see BRAZE 2 ]

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