Meaning of NAVIGATE in English


/nav"i gayt'/ , v. , navigated, navigating .


1. to move on, over, or through (water, air, or land) in a ship or aircraft: to navigate a river.

2. to direct or manage (a ship, aircraft, or guided missile) on its course.

3. to ascertain or plot and control the course or position of (a ship, aircraft, etc.).

4. to pass over (the sea or other body of water), as a ship does.

5. to walk or find one's way on, in, or across: It was difficult to navigate the stairs in the dark.


6. to direct or manage a ship, aircraft, or guided missile on its course.

7. to pass over the water, as a ship does.

8. to walk or find one's way.

9. to travel by ship or boat; sail.

[ 1580-90; navigatus, ptp. of navigare to sail, deriv. of navis ship; for formation, see FUMIGATE ]

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .