Meaning of POP in English

pop 1

/pop/ , v. , popped, popping , n., adv., adj.


1. to make a short, quick, explosive sound: The cork popped.

2. to burst open with such a sound, as chestnuts or corn in roasting.

3. to come or go quickly, suddenly, or unexpectedly: She popped into the kitchen to check the stove.

4. to shoot with a firearm: to pop at a mark.

5. to protrude from the sockets: The news made her eyes pop.

6. Baseball.

a. to hit a pop fly (often fol. by up ).

b. to pop out.


7. to cause to make a sudden, explosive sound.

8. to cause to burst open with such a sound.

9. to open suddenly or violently: to pop the hood on a car; to pop the tab on a beer can.

10. to put or thrust quickly, suddenly, or unexpectedly: He popped the muffins into the oven.

11. Informal. to cause to fire; discharge: He popped his rifle at the bird.

12. to shoot (usually fol. by at, off, etc.): He popped off bottles with a slingshot.

13. Brit. Slang. to pawn.

14. Informal.

a. to take or swallow (pills), esp. in excess or habitually; take orally in a compulsive or addictive way: Popping all those pills will land him in the hospital.

b. to eat in a continual or thoughtless manner, as snack foods: popping peanuts at the movies.

15. pop for , Slang. to pay or buy for oneself or another, esp. as a gift or treat; spring for: I'll pop for the first round of drinks.

16. pop in , Informal. to visit briefly and unexpectedly; stop in; drop by: Maybe we'll pop in after the movie.

17. pop off , Informal.

a. to die, esp. suddenly.

b. to depart, esp. abruptly.

c. to express oneself volubly or excitedly and sometimes irately or indiscreetly: He popped off about the injustice of the verdict.

18. pop out , Baseball. to be put out by hitting a pop fly caught on the fly by a player on the opposing team.

19. pop the question , Informal. to propose marriage: They dated for two years before he popped the question.

20. pop up , Baseball. to hit a pop fly.


21. a short, quick, explosive sound.

22. a popping.

23. a shot with a firearm.

24. Informal. See soda pop .

25. a drink or portion of an alcoholic beverage, as a drink of whiskey or a glass of beer: We had a couple of pops on the way home.

26. Baseball. See pop fly .

27. a pop , Slang. each; apiece: five orchids at $30 a pop.


28. with an explosive sound: The balloon went pop.

29. quickly, suddenly, or unexpectedly: Pop, the door flew open!


30. Informal. unexpected; without prior warning or announcement: The teacher gave us a pop quiz.

[ 1375-1425; late ME (n.) poppe a blow; (v.) poppen to strike; of expressive orig. ]

Syn. 3. appear, burst.

Regional Variation. 24. See soda pop .

pop 2

/pop/ , adj.

1. of or pertaining to popular songs: pop music; pop singers.

2. of or pertaining to pop art.

3. reflecting or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people: pop culture; pop novels.


4. popular music: It's the first time she's sung pop.

5. See pop art .

[ 1860-65; shortening of POPULAR ]

pop 3

/pop/ , n. Informal.


[ 1820-30; short form of POPPA ]

pop 4

/pop/ , n.

a frozen ice or ice-cream confection on a stick.

[ prob. shortening of POPSICLE ]

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