Meaning of ARMY in English



Large, organized force armed and trained for war, especially on land.

The term may be applied to a large unit organized for independent action or to a nation's or ruler's overall military organization for land warfare. The character and organization of armies have varied through history. At various times armies have been built around infantry soldiers or mounted warriors (e.g., cavalry ) or men in machines, and have been made up of professionals or amateurs, of air force , conscription , guerrilla , military unit , militia , U.S. Army .


[c mediumvioletred] (as used in expressions)

Armenian Secret Army to Liberate Armenia

Red Army Faction

Bonus Army

Coxey's Army

Irish Republican Army

Malayan People's Anti Japanese Army

New Model Army

People's Liberation Army

Red Army

Salvation Army

United States Army

{{link=Women's Army Corps">Women's Army Corps

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