Meaning of ARMY in English



1) to command, lead; drill, train; rally an ~

2) to mobilize, raise an ~

3) to equip, supply an ~

4) to array, commit, deploy, field; concentrate, mass an ~

5) to inspect, muster, review an ~

6) to encircle, envelop, surround; outfight; outflank; outmaneuver; overrun; surprise an ~

7) to crush, decimate, defeat, rout an ~; to put an ~ to flight

8) to demobilize, disband an ~

9) a rebel; regular, standing; territorial; volunteer ~

10) an advancing; conquering; defeated; occupation, occupying; retreating; victorious ~

11) an ~ advances; attacks; conducts war, engages in combat, fights; pulls back, retreats, withdraws

12) ( misc. ) to join the ~

The Bbi combinatory dictionary of English, a guide to word combinations.      Комбинаторный словарь английского языка Bbi. Руководство по словосочетаниям.