Meaning of ARMY in English


/ ˈɑːmi; NAmE ˈɑːrmi/ noun ( pl. -ies )


[ C +sing./pl. v . ] a large organized group of soldiers who are trained to fight on land :

The two opposing armies faced each other across the battlefield.


the army [ sing.+ sing./pl. v . ] the part of a country's armed forces that fights on land :

Her husband is in the army .

After leaving school, Mike went into the army .

an army officer


[ C +sing./pl. v . ] a large number of people or things, especially when they are organized in some way or involved in a particular activity :

an army of advisers / volunteers

An army of ants marched across the path.

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late Middle English : from Old French armee , from armata , feminine past participle of Latin armare to arm.

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