Meaning of NUT in English



Dry, hard, one-seeded fruit consisting of a kernel, usually oily, surrounded by a hard or brittle shell that does not split open at maturity.

Nuts include filberts , and walnuts ; but other so-called nuts are botanically seeds ( Brazil nut , pistachio ), legumes ( peanut ), or drupes ( almond and coconut ). Most edible nuts are well known as dessert nuts. Some nuts are sources of oil or fat. Not all nuts are edible; some are used for ornament.


In technology, a fastening device consisting of a square or hexagonal block, usually of metal, with a hole in the centre having internal, or female, threads that fit on the male threads of an associated bolt or screw .

Bolts or screws with nuts are widely used for fastening machine and structural components. See also fastener .


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Brazil nut

kola nut

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