Meaning of NUT in English



The firm shelled fruit of some trees and bushes are called ~s. Some ~s can be eaten.

Nuts and seeds are good sources of vitamin E.


see also ground~ , hazel~ , pea~


A ~ is a thick metal ring which you screw onto a metal rod called a bolt. Nuts and bolts are used to hold things such as pieces of machinery together.

If you want to repair the wheels you just undo the four ~s.

...~s and bolts that haven’t been tightened up.



If you describe someone as, for example, a football ~ or a health ~, you mean that they are extremely enthusiastic about the thing mentioned. (INFORMAL)

...a football ~ who spends thousands of pounds travelling to watch games.

= fanatic

N-COUNT: usu with supp


If you are ~s about something or someone, you like them very much. (INFORMAL)

She’s ~s about you.

ADJ: v-link ADJ about n feelings


If you refer to someone as a ~, you mean that they are mad. (INFORMAL)

There’s some ~ out there with a gun.

N-COUNT disapproval


If you say that someone goes ~s or is ~s, you mean that they go crazy or are very foolish. (INFORMAL)

You guys are ~s...

A number of the French players went ~s, completely out of control.

ADJ: v-link ADJ


If someone goes ~s, or in British English does their ~, they become extremely angry. (INFORMAL)

My father would go ~s if he saw bruises on me...

We heard your sister doing her ~.

PHRASE: V inflects


If you talk about the ~s and bolts of a subject or an activity, you are referring to the detailed practical aspects of it rather than abstract ideas about it.

He’s more concerned about the ~s and bolts of location work.

PHRASE: usu the PHR of n

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